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What do we do?

We auction. Years of experience have proven that the auction method of marketing and liquidation works. Auctions, in their own right, attract buyers. When the client is eager to dispatch items, real estate, or inventory, the most cost effective and efficient method is through an auction. If you want it sold, you auction it.

How do we do what we do?

Once contracted, we meet with the client, one on one, to establish the exact needs and desires of the client. A member of the TAG Team will make a cursory evaluation of the items or inventory to be liquidated and then a game plan and sales strategy is formulated.

A proper inventory of items is conducted; all articles are accounted for. Each item is tagged and assigned a number; a catalog is developed. Advertising begins and auction day preparation begins. Advertising will vary depending upon the clients needs. Advertising can range from international publications and email blitzes, to classified ads in local and regional newspapers.

Just prior to the auction, the TAG Team sets up the site where the sale will be conducted. If required, the auction is broadcast live to the Internet, through Proxibid.com. The client’s sale is not final until the hammer has dropped on the last bid for the last item. We never leave clients dissatisfied with our services.

Why do we do what we do?

There is a certain excitement that is involved in auctioning. Is it the excitement of the audience on sales day as the bidding begins? Is it the excitement of a satisfied client? Is it the excitement of meeting new people and developing new, rewarding, relationships? The answer is YES to all of the above. Working as auctioneers is exhausting, but it is also very exhilarating, and rewarding. Once the auction bug bites, it can never be cured.

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